We design products with the core aim of adding value to the industry and society.

blinctrip: Travel Smart 

Our online travel portal - blinctrip is built with a view to provide our consumers with a simplified, yet highly personalised journey.


It not only comprises of online ticketing solutions, but also solutions that will support and solve both pre and post travel pain points. 

After an extensive study, our travel solution now strives to bring about radical changes through innovative features coupled with advanced technology to ensure we deliver the company vision, "Empowering the world with smarter choices".


BLoyal: Our Loyalty Platform

BLINC Technologies' loyalty platform will provide a single avenue for customers to earn and burn points.


The platform identifies partner loyalty programs so customers can seamlessly earn partner rewards points on every purchase.


It's unique feature will allow customers to aggregate points across multiple loyalty programs and burn them on one single platform. 


BLINCPay: Our Payment Ecosystem

A unique payment ecosystem that empowers customers to maximize their purchase benefits and optimize their spends.  


This payment app by BLINC Technologies will enable customers to save more by recommending the right card for every purchase. It will aggregate online and offline deals, help customers share cards and split spends with friends.


This unique payment platform increases conversion rates, reduces risk of fraud and will provide added savings for both, the customer and the merchant.

BLINC Technologies creates customized solutions through "radical & architectural innovation"


BLINC Cabs: Our Unique Ride Sharing App

A cab experience redesigned for both the rider and the driver. 


This ride sharing app being built by BLINC Technologies is designed to match preferences between the rider and the driver along with a whole host of unique features that have been curated after several months of research and interviews.


It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to address specific pain-points by studying behavioral and spending patterns, location data and data science for accurate predictions.